At times we all need to talk to someone who is independent and outside of our situation; someone who is non-judgemental, confidential and listens to us empathetically. 

Now and then we all need  some space to reflect on and work through issues we might be having; with our partners, family or friends. 

Sometimes unresolved difficulties, memories or traumas haunt and trouble us. Maybe we're struggling with some unwanted and outdated behavioural patterns, habits or addictions.

We're only human and taking the time to reflect upon and talk through our triggers and issues can be helpful and healing.  Having that weekly space to focus on our needs can be tremendously therapeutic. It's a great investment in our current and future mental health and well-being.

What I Work With

Types of Therapy

Therapeutic Approaches


An initial consultation is  £80-£120

I offer a sliding scale.

Therapy can be short-term or long-term. 

Sometimes we agree to review the therapy after 6 - 8 sessions. 

We will discuss and decide jointly when to end therapy but if you're not happy, you can end therapy at any time.

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Call on: + 44 (0) 7766 601350 

Or email: monikasmolar.psychotherapy@gmail.com

You'll be one step closer to feeling better and achieving your goals.

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